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Meet Cissy, the girl who lives and breaths Yoga

Am so humbled to be addressing you today, always excited for my soul to honor other souls #namaste. Am Cissy, tropical born and raised in the pearl of Africa, I have a wandering soul, always seeking and curious for the unknown, thus the travel bug. I like feeling connected to the universe, because of its mysteries and charming ways of surprising me. And the best way I communicate with it is through yoga.

Yoga is a graceful and fulfilling practice

To give you a brief about my upbringing, I come from a humble background, my fitness and healthy lifestyle is a trait I picked up from my late father (R.I.P). I am a morning person… growing up, I had to wake up at about 6 am, pack my father’s gym bag, and make him breakfast – which was no diary, no saturated sugar, yes fruits, tiny bits of carbs and water please! He always applauded me whenever I did a morning run in the garden. To motivate me for good grades at school, he would promise to take me swimming with him. We had a huge garden at home, and while other kids were munching on pizzas and ice cream in the middle of the day, I was busy picking pomegranates, avocados, coconuts or guavas. I would terrorised the neighbourhood searching for raw mangoes. I had never tasted pizza nor cheese until I was 14. They were so foreign. I remember telling my mum about this pitha (had a lisp) – that she only agreed to take me for pizza if I were to make the order myself, (she found my lisp adorable and hilarious).

Yoga is my life

Fast forward to 2015, I was involved in a fatal accident that almost cracked my chest open. Luckily, it didn’t take my life, but it left me with a heavy load of trauma. I was ordered bed rest for a long period, which, for an active person, is a ticket to hell! What was I supposed to do, just stare at the TV, and watch my skinny jeans not fit me anymore?… As you can imagine, denial, depression, abrupt emotional meltdowns and alcoholism took over. I was sinking deep.

For your mind and your soul

However, the universe has its way of turning things round if you just have faith in it. The very period I got the accident, is the same period my yoga teacher moved to Kampala, how we met was unusual but the timing was perfect. She introduced me to this wonderful practice, that was the perfect fit for my bruised life… and mostly for my chest. Although I didn’t find the spiritual connection with it right away, thanks to yoga, my chest healed 3 months later. My bed rest order wasn’t something I could cheat, because every time I tried to get physical, the pain would be so severe that I would voluntarily stop and get back to pressing the remote, it sucked! But yoga came into my life and swimmingly fixed the situation. I remember Rosa telling me that ‘in yoga we don’t do pain, we don’t force, instead we listen to our bodies and flow with the energy levels’,… what a graceful and fulfilling practice I thought after day 1, and before I knew it, I was completely hooked, and I’ve never looked back. My chest healed, and I found myself again, but this time, in a better form… all power to my yogis. But most of all, am proud of myself, for allow this amazing practice into my life.

Listen to your body, don’t do pain nor force

I would really recommend yoga for mums, because it’s not just a workout for the body… but also an exercise for the mind and soul, a way to connect with yourself and stay true to who you are. Though am not a mum yet, I was raised by one, and like a lot of you, she never took days off from raising me, and for that I will forever be grateful. With such a demanding role, one can easily lose themselves and this is where yoga would be beneficial to you. Time on the mat is time for yourself, the mat is a safe place for you to keep company with your mind, and be present in that specific moment, isn’t that just wonderful?

Beaucoup d’amour and namaste! 

Nansera Cissy blogs about yoga, fitness, travel and leading a healthy lifestyle. You can hook up with this amazing chica on her blog, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest.

Interview post – Imani

That smile warms my heart 🙂

Am super excited because this week, my darling, baby girl, Imani turns 5! Woop wopp!! So I thought it would be pretty cool to interview her as my first guest on the blog. Now, let’s see… how can I describe Imani? – Imani is a happy, bubbly girly girl. She loves pretty things… dresses, bags and shoes. She is the most loving big sister in the world, and she is her mother’s heart. Imani’s also little Miss Independent… she’s the most independent, almost-5-year-old, you’ll ever meet. She has her own way of doing things, and it has to be perfect. Books need to be arrange a certain way, her slippers need  to be placed a specific way next to her bed at bedtime, she wants to prepare her own lunchbox, choose her own outfit… yeah, you get the drift. She loves to help around the house… and I hope, crossing fingers, this never changes! She’s a little bookworm, adventurer, nature lover, dancer, footballer and artist. She is terrified of cats 🙁 Anyway, here goes…

The artist

Hey muffin, remember when I told you that I will be writing stuff and putting it up on the internet for people to read? Remember I told you it’s called writing a blog?… And so for my blog, I’d like to ask you a few questions, so people can to get to know you. Are you ok with that?

A blog?? That’s a funny word… it’s like a frog, but a blog **laughs hysterically while I roll eyes**. Ok, you can ask me 2 questions because I want to go and play with Teo. **roll eyes again**

So, we’ll start by you telling them your names…

Why? Don’t they know my name! – **why I though interviewing a child was a good idea is beyond me?**

Muffin, it’s an interview, you have to tell your names! Work with me here woman!!! 

My name is Imani Okello Laurent and am going to be 5 years old on Friday. Nice to meet you!

Good! See… it’s fun, right?! Ok, what’s your favourite colour?

Red… because it’s the colour of a heart! **huh???**

And your favourite food?

PIZZAAAA!!!! And sometimes I like pasta when Papa makes it with bolognese sauce! I also like chips with mayonnaise, chocolate brownies and chocolate milk. No wait! Chocolate milk is a drink… you asked food! No, not chocolate milk!

It doesn’t matter because that was the next question, your fav drink, so I guess it’s chocolate milk?

NO!!! My favourite drink is grenadine syrup! Chocolate milk is for breakfast, so it can’t be someone’s favourite drink! Because we have to drink it whether we like it or not!! **huh???**

Ok then, what do you want to do as a job when you grow up? 

I want to sell clothes in a shop! I want to be the shop lady!

Really? why?

Because then I can have loads of clothes, and I can wear whatever clothes I want!

You know the lady doesn’t get to wear all those clothes, right?

Oh… ok, then I’ll be a dentist… or a Juf! (teacher in Dutch). I think I’ll be a Juf… like Juf Benedicte, then I can teach Teo and other small children how to read and write. **good point me thinks, except Teo will be a grown man by then**

Very good! Next, if you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

To Kenya to live in a castle with Teo, Malki, Liam and Hawi! (her cousins)

And if you had loads of money, what would you buy?

A very big TV… as big as a cinema, so I can watch Peppa Pig all the time. And a gigantic present for Teo!

That’s nice to think of your brother. Ok, we are almost finished now… 2 more questions. 


What do grown ups do that really annoy you? Or makes you want to scream?

I don’t like it when they say they have to go to work! When you and Papa say that you have to go to work!

Oh?… really? why? **genuinely surprise**

Because I’d rather you stayed home with us and play with us all day. You know that some mamas and papas do that!… they don’t go to work!

Yeah… there’s parents who do that, but a lot of parents also have to go to work, and its good for us. If we didn’t go to work we wouldn’t be able to buy stuff like food, nice clothes and go on holiday. Understand?

Yes I know! I was joking. – This broke my heart because I knew she wasn’t joking, I could see the sadness in her eye 🙁

Ok, last question, now that it’s going to be your birthday soon… what present would make you the happiest? 

I know! I know!!! I want one of those beds that I sleep on top and Teo sleep under!

Really? A double decker bed? That’s want you want for your birthday?

Yes Mama… please! So that Teo also gets a present, because it will be a bed for the 2 of us! **heart melted** (not getting the double decker bed yet… not for a few more years)

Thanks for letting me interview you Muffin… am sure everyone on the internet will be happy to have learnt a bit about you.

Tell them they can come to my party if they want, but it’s only for children… not mamas and papas! **LOL**

There you have it folks, the sunshine of my life, Imani 🙂 And don’t go shopping for an outfit for the party, unless you’re under 6!