After lots of hours surfing the net, reading blogs like Gillian’s on managing family finances, I have decided to make a first list of changes that need to happen in our home, changes that, hopefully, will save us a few euros here and there.

I have studied how we’ve been running our home, how we’ve been handling finances… and obviously, it’s not the correct approach, as we always find ourselves struggling before the next pay day.

Here is my list of things I will be trying:

Changes list

  • Switch off

I need to pay more attention to this, more than once I have come back from work to find one of the bedrooms, or bathroom light had been on the whole day.

  • Reduce heating

My thermostat is set at 21 degrees… which is high. Manu has repeated this to me his whole life, and with winter round the corner… this is a good time to try it out.

  • Stop bottled water

To be honest, I don’t even know why we buy bottled water, we prefer tap water anyway.

  • Stop with the baby wipes

Not necessary… and very bad for the skin – especially with our dry skin. Again, one of those things you convince yourself are necessary

  • Collect coupons, shop wisely

Make a proper shopping list, shop in bulk when products are on offer, shop local and seasonal products. Manu is fairly good at thinking of these, I , on the other had, lousy!… but not for any longer.

  • Sell the junk

As they say, one man’s trash is another’s treasure! I have pile and pile of stuff that I could sell and make a few euros. Boxes full of children’s clothes, shoes, toys, and other stuff we no longer need. I’ll gather the courage, sort them, take some pictures, and hopefully sell.

  • Start weekly meal planning¬†

This makes total sense, knowing what’s for dinner well in advance, plus a time saver – especially if I can prepare the meal in advance too!

I will update this post after a 3 month trial period, hopefully, with some spare change in my pocket.

What do you think of my list as a starting block?