As a full time working mum of 2 small kiddos, my days can get pretty hectic, pretty fast if I don’t get organised, and have a daily routine. A normal day starts at 6.15am… that’s when my alarm goes off, I struggle to get out of my very possessive bed, normally 6.30am, get into my workout gear, and hit ‘the mum gym’ for a 30 minute workout – I can’t afford a gym membership, and even if I could, I wouldn’t have the time to actually go! Plus am quite happy with my gym, in the comfort of my home, and can workout in my knickers and a bra if I wanted to… so hey! And for the sceptic ones amongst you… I am walking proof that you can get great results with discipline and hard work, exercising from home with no personal trainer! But that’s another post for another day.

Now where was I… oh yes, at the gym… the munchkins will be awake by the time I finish, 7 ish… 7.15 ish, if am lucky. While I hop into the shower, Manu attempts to get them dressed, ready for school and daycare. This takes a while! It needs a lot of patience, some yelling, and a lot of holding back tears! You don’t want them seeing you crying because you are tired of fighting Teo over his resistance to lying down to get his diaper changed! By the way, is it just my kids or do your little humans also not function normally in the morning? I mean, it can take Imani 10 minutes to put on her socks!!! 10 MINUTES people!!!… I mean, how complicated is it to put on a pair of socks? And… AND, why does she always start with the socks??? Aren’t socks supposed to be the third last item of clothing you put on, just before your shoes and coat??? She’s a special kind of weird my little muffin… love her to bits though πŸ™‚ – Anyhoo, by this time Manu has lost his will to live, and has given up on trying to catch Teo, who’s running… waddling more like – from room to room mumbling things only he understands – I always imagine he’s saying something like, “they will never catch me alive!!!”… hahahahahaaa **evil laugh**. So I go in for reinforcement, teamwork…right?! And eventually, somehow, we manage and everyone’s ready.

The kids have their breakfast at around 7.45, Teo gets him milk first – a hungry Teo is an angry Teo! So yeah, lil’ man gets served first. My Imani is little miss Independent… always has been, she likes preparing her own breakfast – I, normally, have set out the table the night before… time saver by the way! – all I do is heat up her cup of milk. She butters her toast, or serves herself a portion of cereals, or whatever else I will have laid out. I try my best to vary their breakfast so they don’t get bored of having the same stuff every day. We are a family of foodies, so they will have buttered toast with a piece of cheese and ham, or apple cinnamon porridge, scrambled eggs with toast, maandazis etc. Unfortunately, we never have time to have breakfast seated at the table with them on week days, but am always in the kitchen while they eat, preparing the bags and anything else that needs to be done, so it’s not like they are all alone.Β Breakfast is done around 8, they are fast eaters in the morning, don’t ask me why, I’ve never had to repeat the usual ‘please eat up’… that’s always reserved for dinner time, and for Imani.

We aim to be out the door by 8.10, I drop Imani at school, and Manu does Teo at daycare. I get to work around 9.15ish – depending on traffic, I earn my dues for the day till 5pm. I get home around 5.45 – 6ish, kids’ will have been picked up by Manu, or our lovely nanny, Jessie.Β One of us starts on dinner… while the other does bath time. Teo prepares his famous roasted potatoes, to be served with the Imani’s speciality meatloaf… lol… got you! Of course I don’t slave my small kids into cook dinner… but I sure do wish I could. ***sipping wine thoughtfully*** Dinner is always something fast, but healthy, we always cook from scratch. We are all seated, eating by 6.45pm. We are a family of very fast eaters… Manu literally inhales his food… like seriously, his plate will be half gone by the time am finished tying up Teo’s bib! By 7pm, plates are empty… apart from Imani’s, who’s still counting her peas. Teo has his bottle of milk, then we settle down for some ‘quiet time’, normally we read a book or 2. By this time, they are both exhausted, we brush teeth, and are off to bed latest 8pm.

Manu and myself then crank up the music and party like it’s 1999!!!!… Ha! I wish! wouldn’t it be nice though?! **sips wine reminiscing about when she thought tiredness was for the weak.** We either watch telly… series on The Flix, with a glass o’ rouge for me, and an Orval beer for Monsieur. We then both pass out hardly 10 minutes into whatever we were intending to watch – exact time of passing out is unknown. All those times we used to party till the break of dawn are now nothing but a distance memory! We are both surprised if we make it to 10.26pm… especially me! We then drag out limp bodies off to bed, leaving the wine glass half drunk, to be finished tomorrow morning just before the workout. And repeat…



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  1. Wow! Sounds like you have two full time jobs! Organising yourself does really help a great deal! You are doing a great job!

  2. Wow I can’t believe you need an alarm with 2 kiddies. My daughter wakes us up – bursting into our room singing at 6am every day… I can so relate to falling asleep early haha! I always think of all the things I’m going to do when mini-me is in bed – then I’m soo tired. Jaimi

  3. Seriously, why do 1 year olds fight putting their diaper on??! It’s only been done their entire life! I despise mornings…I’m usually so tired and struggle getting up!

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