Introduction-Munchkin and Wine mum

Am Christine, 30 something mum to the world’s most adorable munchkins, Imani, born November 2012, and Teo, April 2016. I live in my adoptive home country, Belgium with Manu… (and of course the kids), though home will always be Kenya. I am also a full time working mum… so yes, life can be hectic at times.

I love everything about family life and motherhood. I want to give my children a fun, happy childhood… and life. I would love nothing more than to buy them nice stuff, travel the world with them to open their eyes to what exists beyond, to expose them to different cultures, and ways of life, to help their minds grow knowing the beauty that exists in the world, and it’s people. Unfortunately, even in our 2 income household, achieving all these is not possible – so we stick to what we can afford… and our little adventures.

Ok… so who am I? Other than a mum, am also a daughter, sister, aunt, friend, tea-drinker, wine-lover, foodie, not-quite-a-bookworm, fitness obsessed, TV series junkie, shopaholic, adventurer, and lover of life 🙂

Why the blog?… to share my passions, talk family life, candid mum talk, lifestyle, and any other random thing. Hopefully build a mum fam where mums come to hang out and chat about anything and everything… over a glass of wine of course 😉